Here at Madd Hatter Critters, our goal is for you not to have to see us again! We strive for thorough and complete Wildlife removal from your home. Our years of experience with wildlife pest animals allow us to customize a solution ideal for the homeowner.

  • Initial Inspection

During the inspection we locate the animal’s main entry point to your home. Wildlife pests can enter through soffit, an attic, the chimney, beneath the porch, and many other locations. We also identify any secondary points of entry.

  • Trapping

After inspection, traps will be set accordingly. We check traps as needed following Michigan state law (once every 24 hours for live traps). All animals caught in live traps will be safely transferred to a transport cage. Each will have their picture taken for verification.

  • Monitor & Release

Trapped animals will be monitored, and if there are no concerns of disease, can be released. Any released animal will be done so at least 15 miles away from the trapped site.

  • Repair Estimates

Have your animal removal and any damage repair complete with one job! Madd Hatter Critters not only removes your wildlife pests, but also offers repair estimates. We block the main entry point, as well as all other potential entry points. We take pictures of all repairs done. Any permanent repair is guaranteed for one year.

No Domestic Animals

Animal removal and pest control services in Cedar Springs, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Kentwood, Rockford, Walker, and Wyoming.
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